Take a break from your hectic life and stop, look and observe your surroundings.

Mundane scenes and overlooked subjects became the drive for my photography but being restricted by a DSLR camera, I decided to make do with my iphone. The freedom I got with this common tool amongst us drove me to capture more. The simplicity of the camera phone fascinated me. Going back to the roots of just shooting and not having to think of technical aspects involved. The camera phone to me is an evolution of the lomo cameras that I used to dwell with. Influenced by the cinematography of Christopher Doyle, I started shooting my photographs with the cinematic crop, trying to make the mundane scene speak for itself without having narrations. And that was the start of MondaysOhMondays. From stills I started to shoot short clips and stills of me riding my bicycle around the city and this led to my current project I am working on, intersections.